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Does A Water Flosser Really Work?

There are so many versions of home teeth care now that many people are confused as to what products and dental devices to use.Water flosser,AKA oral irrigator,as a new dental care product,is accepted by customers gradually.But a old question: does a water flosser really work?

Although water floss is not a complete replacement for a toothbrush, it is used as a cavity care tool in conjunction with a toothbrush.Numerous studies prove that water flossers provide superior results,both in terms of reducing gingivitis and bleeding levels. Combining water flossing with brushing is significantly better at reducing gingivitis and bleeding. And more efficient in removing plaque.

The way water flosser work is providing gentle but effective water pressure and pulse.It removes subgingival bacteria, disrupts bacterial activity and removes food particles and debris.

PREC portable water flosser could be used anywhere anytime.It freshes your dental after sleeping,smoking and eating.

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