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Interproximal Cleaning

The importance of cleaning interproximal spacesThe interproximal, or interdental, area is the space that lies between teeth that is occupied by the gum. The conditions …
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What Is Oral Irrigation?

Oral irrigators were first developed in 1962 as an alternative to dental flossing.  Also known as a “dental water jet”, “water pick”, or “dental irrigator”, …
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The Beneficial Effects Of Oral Irrigators

The oral irrigator is scientifically proven to reduce several clinical parameters, including biofilm, dental plaque, calculus, bleeding, gingivitis, periodontal pathogens, probing depth, and inflammatory mediators. INTRODUCTION The …
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Does A Water Flosser Really Work?

There are so many versions of home teeth care now that many people are confused as to what products and dental devices to use.Water flosser,AKA …
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Why You Need A Oral Irrigator?

Although you brush your teeth every day, you may not be able to avoid a variety of oral diseases.Because the bristles of your toothbrush can’t …
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5 Best Water Flossers Of 2021

1.Waterpik WP-562The Waterpik WP-560 cordless advanced water flosser delivers consistent and reliable performance through a combination of high water volume, pulsations, and optimal pressure.This compact …
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