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Eating a tube of fluoride toothpaste can be toxic? (Part 1)

I don’t know!

But Xiaojie was still very curious: what would happen if we were to consume it?

Aren’t you curious? Come on! Let’s delve into it!

I’m sure everyone has heard that using fluoride toothpaste can effectively prevent cavities.

But as fluorosis , or dental fluorosis , came into public view, fluoride toothpaste also faced considerable skepticism.

When it comes to fluoride toothpaste, opinions online are as varied as they come:

In fact, using fluoride toothpaste can indeed prevent cavities, but caution should be exercised when it comes to children!

As for the possibility of toxicity, it all depends on the dosage. Discussing toxicity without mentioning the dose is purely nonsense.

Let’s address the dosage later. For the moment, let’s dive into how fluoride helps prevent tooth decay.

What is the relationship between fluoride and teeth?

Fluoride is one of the essential elements for the human body. It plays a role in bio-mineralization, contributing to the formation of teeth and bones, as well as impacting dental enamel development.

PS: Bio-mineralization refers to the process by which inorganic ions within a living organism undergo a series of chemical reactions to form insoluble salts, eventually forming mineralized tissues. This process is akin to building houses with concrete.Tooth enamel is a mineralized tissue.

The fluoride concentration is 5-10 times higher in the outer layer of tooth enamel than in its deeper layers, primarily as stable fluorapatite crystals. This increases the resistance of tooth enamel to acid dissolution, thereby effectively preventing cavities.

How does fluoride specifically affect teeth?

The effects of fluoride on teeth can be summarized as follows:

  • Enhancing the stability of crystal structure
  • Restoring demineralized tooth enamel
  •  Inhibiting bacterial acid production

Enhancing the stability of crystal structure

The strong bond between fluorine and hydroxyapatite results – fluorapatite crystals, which are structurally stronger and highly resistant to acids.  This protective shield immediately dons the dental enamel like a “bulletproof vest”, enhancing its resilience against acids.

In addition, the new crystal layer formed by fluoride-phosphate apatite deposition makes the crevices on the surface of tooth enamel less deep, making it harder for plaque to adhere. This significantly enhances its self-cleaning capabilities!

Restoring demineralized tooth enamel

“When tooth enamel is eroded by acids, calcium and phosphate ions on the surface become dislodged, leading to a decrease in tooth hardness. At this point, if fluoride steps in with its helpful intervention, these free ions can calm down and re-precipitate onto the enamel crystals, remineralizing demineralized enamel and thereby repairing dental decay.”

Inhibiting bacterial acid production

Fluoride primarily inhibits bacterial enzymes by increasing intracellular fluoride ions, slowing down glycolysis, and thereby reducing acid production.

Additionally, when fluoride is present in the low-pH extracellular environment, it inhibits bacterial cell efflux of hydrogen ions, leading to a decline in intracellular ph. This process also suppresses acid production by bacteria, thereby slowing down enamel erosion due to acids.

As explained by me, I believe everyone should now understand how fluoride helps prevent cavities.

But there are more than one way to prevent tooth decay, you know?

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Now that we’ve come to this point,

You don’t seem to have noticed anything amiss, do you?

I won’t disclose it for now.

(I haven’t addressed the dosage and fluoride toothpaste yet.)

Curious? We’ll reveal all in our next update.

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