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If you don’t do this, your teeth will never brush clean

Why do you still have cavities when brushing your teeth every morning and evening? Why is brushing teeth the right way, but the teeth are still getting yellowed? Why do you still have small black spots on your teeth when using fluoride toothpaste

I wants to say, maybe it’s because you didn’t do this~


Cleaning the gaps between teeth

If you don’t clean the gaps between your teeth, your teeth will never brush clean! Why do you say that?

Then you need to first understand:

What is a gap between teeth?

Tooth gap, also known as tooth gap, refers to the gap between teeth, which is a cleaning blind area that cannot be touched by a toothbrush.

Why do we need to clean the gaps between our teeth?

This is because it’s easy to stuff things between teeth. If too hot, too cold, or spicy food is stuck between teeth, it can easily cause gum swelling and pain, damage periodontal tissue, cause gingivitis, periodontitis, and in severe cases, even tooth looseness.

If things are often stuck between the teeth and not cleaned up in a timely manner, there may be oral odor, dental calculus, tooth decay, and the gaps between the teeth may develop from small gaps to large gaps, which can affect facial appearance and cause psychological burden.

How to clean the gaps between teeth?

① Using toothpicks

A toothpick is an essential ancestral level tooth removal tool for every household in China. It is the most familiar tool for cleaning stuck teeth among Chinese people and indeed has a certain effect on cleaning gaps between teeth.

However, toothpicks have a major flaw, which is that they are too thick, which prevents them from penetrating deep into the gaps of the teeth for cleaning, greatly reducing their effectiveness. In addition, due to the thick tip between the two ends of a toothpick, it is easy to accidentally damage the gums during use, and long-term use of toothpicks can also accelerate the trend of tooth gaps becoming larger. So, Xiaojie suggests everyone to use toothpicks with caution~

② Using dental floss, interdental brushes, etc

The emergence of dental floss in the market can be regarded as a revolution in the way teeth are cleaned, and it is also a better tool for cleaning teeth than toothpicks. Compared to the roughness of toothpicks, dental floss is thinner and gentler, and the cleaning effect is more than just a little better than toothpicks.

It can penetrate deep into the gaps between teeth, effectively removing residues and plaque on the adjacent surfaces of teeth, deeply cleaning the gaps between teeth, while not accidentally damaging the gums. Other cleaning tools that have the same effect as dental floss include interdental brushes.

③ water flosser recommended for use by dentists

Water flosser is a relatively new oral care tool that has only entered China in recent years and is becoming more and more well-known and loved by people.

Compared with dental floss, the water flosser simplifies the process and not only has the same effect of not damaging the gums and deep cleaning as dental floss, but also avoids the tedious process of inserting and scraping dental floss. For example, the JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser uses 1400 high-frequency pulses per minute and 0.54mm concentrated fine water flow to flush the gaps between teeth, efficiently removing residue and plaque between teeth. It only needs to be rinsed against the gaps and the tooth surface at the gingival line, and can rinse the entire mouth in 2 minutes.

The cleaning principle of the JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser is to use high-frequency pulsed water flow to clean the gaps between teeth. It has three modes, with 8 gear options for each mode. When paired with a 5-160PSI large-span impulse selection, it can not only deeply clean the gaps between teeth, but also massage the gums with appropriate force~

The price on JIEYANG bigsmile’s WeChat official account is ¥ 599, with four standard nozzles and five colors to choose from. It can not only help users to thoroughly clean their teeth, but also improve and alleviate their gum health. Are you really not impressed?

JIEYANG bigsmile’s warm reminder: In order to save money on a water flosser, the failure to clean the gaps between teeth ultimately leads to various dental problems, resulting in losses of tens of thousands of yuan. However, the gains are not worth the losses!

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