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Interproximal Cleaning

The importance of cleaning interproximal spaces

The interproximal, or interdental, area is the space that lies between teeth that is occupied by the gum. The conditions offered by interproximal spaces facilitate the appearance and accumulation of oral biofilm (dental plaque), as these are areas that are difficult to access even when the teeth are in a normal position.

During interproximal cleaning, gingival bleeding may indicate the existence of inflammation. This is not a sign that interproximal cleaning should be avoided, but rather the opposite, that inflammation should be treated.

It is important to note that the most current interproximal cleaning methods are limited in their effectiveness by the ability or commitment of each person rather than by the method itself. Not all interproximal cleaning tools are suitable for all people or all types of teeth.

Interproximal Cleaning

Dental floss and tape:

Are indicated for removing the oral biofilm accumulated in narrow or closed interproximal spaces.

Interproximal brushes:

Indicated for cleaning wide or open interproximal spaces, as well as for cleaning between premolars and molars, or cases in which the papilla has retracted and a larger and more accessible area without gingiva is present.

Oral irrigators:

Consists of the direct application of a pulsating stream of water or other solution, which helps to remove the bacteria deposited on the surface of teethunder the edge of the gums, in the interproximal spaces and in places difficult to access.

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