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Is Oral Irrigator Effective?

According to the third national oral health epidemiological survey, up to 97% of adults are suffering from oral problems. The World Health Organization (WHO) has listed oral diseases as the third most plagued human disease after cancer and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

We can only remove about 60% of the surface hygiene by brushing our teeth. The remaining food residues and tartar remaining in the gingival sulcus and between the teeth are the “primordial culprits” that cause various oral problems!

Especially those who have irregular teeth and perfunctorily brush their teeth have more serious oral problems.

To improve oral problems, the most important thing is to maintain a hygienic environment in the oral cavity, which requires the help of dental flushers.

The dental flusher uses water to pressurize the inside of the oral cavity. Its pressurized water jet can spray the inlet cavity without any hindrance to achieve a cleaning effect. The dental flusher has also been confirmed by many scientific research institutes to improve oral hygiene. of.

Teeth flusher can not only improve the inflammation in the oral cavity through the water column, but also stimulate the blood circulation of the gums and achieve the effect of strengthening the root of the tooth.

Relevant tests have proved that dental floss is more than 50% higher than ordinary dental floss in reducing gingivitis.

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