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The culprit for loose teeth may be oral ulcers? How to prevent it?

you ‘re right!!!

Severe oral ulcers can cause teeth to loosen!

How can we prevent it?

What is an oral ulcer?

The pathology of oral ulcers is mainly caused by primary viral infection of the oral mucosa, leading to ulcerative damage to the oral mucosa.

At first, these primary viruses were only hidden in blood vessels beneath the oral epidermis and multiplied in the nucleus. When the immune system of the body experiences abnormalities, these viruses will act wildly, damaging the oral mucosa and forming ulcerative damage. Under normal circumstances, oral ulcers can self heal within one to two weeks without excessive treatment.

Of course, for particularly severe oral ulcers, it is necessary to seek professional and targeted treatment at a hospital. If left unattended, it can seriously lead to loose teeth; Even more severe cases may lead to various diseases, such as the risk of cancer, weakened immune system, and throat diseases.

Therefore, for oral ulcers, we should also take timely preventive measures to prevent tooth loosening.

How to prevent recurrent oral ulcers?

① Pay attention to oral hygiene

Rinse your mouth after meals, brush your teeth in the morning and evening, and cultivate good oral hygiene habits. Of course, you can also use mouthwash or saline for sterilization and disinfection. If necessary, you can use mouthwash+JIEYANG bigsmile water flooser for deep oral cleaning.

JIEYANG bigsmile  water flosser cleans the dead corners of the oral cavity – all stains in the gaps between teeth can be washed away, even the highly viscous dental plaque can be washed away together, avoiding viruses and bacteria hiding in the dead corners of the oral cavity, which can lead to repeated oral ulcers.

The JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser, with touch shifting and 1-second opening, is highly efficient in cleaning and effectively prevents bacterial growth and infection in the oral cavity, leading to recurrent oral ulcers.

② Reduce oral mucosal irritation

Eat less stimulating foods, such as those that are too sour, too spicy, or too hot, such as chili peppers, vinegar, fried chicken, fried foods, etc., to avoid oral mucosa irritation and recurrence.

③ Pay attention to dietary combinations

Daily diet needs to be balanced with nutrients, and one can consume more foods rich in vitamins, such as fruits and vegetables, which are rich in vitamin B; Try to eat less foods such as bamboo shoots and pickled foods that can easily cause oral ulcers.

④ Avoid physical trauma

Be careful to take care of your mouth, avoid eating too quickly and accidentally biting, and avoid using too much force when brushing or picking teeth.

⑤ Developing good habits

Early to bed and early to rise, it is strictly prohibited to stay up too late, avoid overwork, especially for women during menstruation, pay more attention to diet and rest.

To achieve the above points, it is not a problem to drink more water, exercise more, relax, maintain a happy mood, and prevent oral ulcers. Even if you already have oral ulcers, doing so can help treat them and make them heal faster!

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