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The punching force of the water flosser = detergency, the greater the better?

I believe many friends know that the cleaning power of a water flosser is related to its own impact. Generally speaking, the greater the impulse, the stronger the cleaning power. Which water flosser has a stronger cleaning power, the greater the impact, isn’t it better?

I told you, absolutely not!

Everything needs to be measured, and the impact force that teeth and gums can withstand is also measured. Excessive water pressure can damage oral tissues, especially those with sensitive gums. Using too much water pressure can also lead to gum bleeding.

According to relevant studies, the impact force that healthy gums can withstand is approximately 90 PSI, and it is recommended that tooth sensitivity not exceed 80 PSI. For gingivitis or oral ulcers, it is recommended to choose 50-70 PSI. For patients with periodontal disease, it is recommended to choose water pressure below 40 PSI. That is to say, if you want to use water flosser to massage your gums, you should adjust the force of the flosser to below 90PSI.

Teeth are stronger than gums, and they can definitely withstand more impact than gums. And when we use a water flosser, most of the time we don’t flush it against the gums, but rather between the teeth. Therefore, the cleaning effect and sensation of 90PSI are far from enough. This is also why many netizens complain that the force of the purchased water flosser is too small.

What is the impact force that teeth can withstand?

In response to this, the R&D team of JIEYANG bigsmile conducted a series of experiments and ultimately found that using a water flosser correctly with a force below 160PSI can ensure that the cleaning effect of the water flosser is strong enough, and also ensure that oral health patients do not feel severe pain or damage to the gums.

At the same time, the JIEYANG bigsmile team also took into account the oral conditions of users with sensitive gums and gingivitis, and adjusted the impulse value of the JIEYANG bigsmile mini Q portable water flosser to 5-160PSI, and divided it into 24 levels of impulse according to a certain pattern, corresponding to 8 levels of 3 modes.

Therefore, I suggests that users with sensitive teeth and gingivitis can choose the gentle mode of the mini Q portable water flosser, and start oral cleaning from the lowest level of this mode. After the oral health condition improves or they become accustomed to it, gradually adjust the intensity and strengthen the cleaning force to improve their personal oral cleaning effect.

The JIEYANG bigsmile mini Q portable water flosser is a treasure level water flosser that myself is also using. It has a high-frequency pulse of 1400 times/minute, a dual pioneering design of touch shifting and diaphragm pump. It gathers 0.54mm fine water column, is clean and painless, and will not harm the gums at all. It is truly a water flosser that meets the oral conditions of people! It’s definitely not a loss for beginners to get started! The user experience is indeed very good. I recommend novice friends to purchase and use it~

Finally, I hope everyone can take good care of their teeth. The tools for cleaning the oral cavity, such as a water flosser, are only a few hundred yuan, but when it comes to filling a tooth, one tooth is already three or four hundred yuan, and they will have to endure tremendous pain. So instead of waiting until the teeth really have problems, it’s better to take preventive measures in advance!!

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