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Water Flosser Can Be Used With Toothbrush

“There is no harm in using water flosser, on the contrary it is very comfortable.”

The dentist told the reporter that the residue in the braces is more difficult to clean up when the patient is doing orthodontics. Therefore, it is generally recommended that the patient use water flossing to clean the teeth during the orthodontic period. The effect will be very good.

However, using water flosser is not a substitute for brushing your teeth.

According to professionals, in daily life, toothbrushes are generally used to clean the surface of teeth and some shallow gaps. However, some residues stuck in the gaps between teeth need to be cleaned with dental floss or water dental flosser. Compared with ordinary dental flosser, water dental flosser is much more powerful, more environmentally friendly and cleaner, but the price is slightly higher.

In addition, because water flosser cannot clean stubborn stains, it is difficult to clean it for patients with dental calculus. Therefore, toothbrushes and water flosser need to be used together.

In terms of use, most people can use water floss for periodontal maintenance and tooth cleaning. However, for patients with coagulation dysfunction or hemophilia, special attention should be paid when using it. Once the momentum is too great, it will be difficult to control bleeding gums.

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