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What Type Of Water Flosser Do You Need?

water flosser is popular handled oral care equipment that directs water streams between the teeth and gums. It is an effective tool that works to remove debris, bacteria, and plaque.  There are different types of water flossers that cater to unique purposes. 

Cordless Water Flosser

These types of flossers are operated by batteries and are usually small, slim, and portable. These are perfect oral care device for people who are constantly traveling or one who deals with storage and voltage issues.

Countertop Water Flosser

Countertop flossers care heavy in size and are placed on the bathroom countertop nearby the socket. These devices run on electricity, therefore come with a cord.

Shower Water Flosser

Shower flossers are integrated with your shower system so that you can floss while in the bathroom. They do not run off electricity or batteries and do not need water refilling like the other two options.

Faucet Water Flosser

These flossers are attached to the faucet, and there is no need to refill them with water. Some brands offer an automatic shift from the faucet to floss, thereby taking out the manual work.

There are four types of water flossers, and each of them has distinctive strengths as well as weaknesses. So the decision to get the right water flosser comes down to your oral health need. If you are constantly traveling, then you should invest in a cordless water flosser. However, if you are looking for a flosser that your family can use, then countertop one is the ideal option. If you take your oral cleaning in the shower, then there is a shower flosser for you.

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