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Why We Use Oral Irrigator?

You know that dental care is expensive, and you don’t have a dentist friend, but you have already brushed your teeth well. Why do you still have dental problems? Because you just brushed your teeth! To clean your teeth, if you only use one method of brushing your teeth, you can only do half of it. You also need to clean the adjacent surfaces of the teeth (that is, between the teeth).

So although you have brushed your teeth well, the inadequate cleaning of the adjacent surfaces of your teeth will still make you a frequent visitor to dentistry. Let me put down the conclusion first. For the cleaning of the adjacent surfaces of teeth, the actual use effect of the dental flusher is much better than that of dental floss, because easy-to-handle is the most important indicator of the same type of product. Only when the threshold of use is low enough can the effect of persisting use be achieved. Moreover, the dental flusher has a very significant effect on the oral hygiene maintenance of orthodontic and implant patients.

The obvious advantages of the dental flosser are:

  1. The difficulty of getting started is low, and it can be used by both the elderly and children
  2. The cleaning efficiency is high, especially for the horns of the teeth, dental implants, and orthodontic treatment. It has a significant help.
  3. It can clean deep tissues, such as periodontal pockets of patients with periodontitis. The flusher can be combined with specially designed nozzles, such as special nozzles for orthodontics, which can be easily cleaned to places where dental floss is difficult to clean.

Water flosser and ordinary dental floss are auxiliary products for oral cleaning and cannot replace toothbrushes.

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