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A beginner’s guide to avoiding pitfalls, just buy one water flosser is enough.

I recently discovered an interesting phenomenon~

Although everyone knows that a water flosser is useful and can help prevent various dental and gum problems, they are always hesitant about what kind of water flosser to buy. As a result, I had problems with my teeth and gums and spent a lot of money regretting it.

In order to help everyone buy their favorite water flosser at once,I collected some common concerns:

  • ① What should I do if my momentum is too weak and I can’t clean it completely?
  • ② What to do if the impulse is too strong and causes bleeding in the gums?
  • ③ It’s too troublesome to use, but what if it’s idle?
  • ④ What should I do if the water tank is too small?
  • ⑤ What should I do if it breaks down after not using it for long?

In response to these issues, key indicators for purchasing a water flosser have been summarized: ① strong cleaning power, ② safety and comfort, ③ humanized design,④good quality after-sales service.

Next, let’s talk about the specific requirements of each standard and the extent to which the teeth punch needs to meet the standards.

Strong cleaning force

The R&D team of JIEYANG bigsmile stated that when selecting a water flosser, we need to find one with strong impact/penetration, focused water column, and fine enough to thoroughly clean small pits, crevices, and gingival crevices, avoiding residue accumulation!!

In this regard, the R&D team of JIEYANG bigsmile has also conducted market research. Research has found that a toothbrush with a water column diameter of less than 0.8mm and a high-frequency pulse frequency of 1200-1600 times per minute can clean the gaps between teeth without causing discomfort to the user.

Based on this understanding, JIEYANG bigsmile has selected 1400 high-frequency pulses per minute and 0.54mm concentrated fine water column that are suitable for most people’s cleaning requirements at present, as the cleaning power guarantee ofJIEYANG bigsmile mini Q portable water flosser. It is understood that under the same impact force, the discomfort caused by the JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser is weaker than most toothbrushes on the market.

Safety and comfort

For water flosser, cleaning power is fundamental, while safety and comfort are the core. After all, cleaning power can only be considered second to health. Therefore, when selecting, we should choose a water flosser with strong cleaning power and without damaging the teeth and gums.

And different people have different oral conditions. This requires the water flosser to have sufficient mode force selection, and the span of force should be large enough; Paired with a moderate water flow thickness, it can meet everyone’s teeth flushing needs of “cleanliness+safety and comfort”!

According to this standard, the JIEYANG bigsmile mini Q portable water flosser adopts a 5-160PSI large-span impulse selection and has three modes, each with 8 adjustable levels. Whether it is for sensitive individuals, young children, or the elderly, it can provide them with a dual cleaning and safe and comfortable water flossing experience.

Humanized design

Designing humanized and easy to use is one of the needs of users for daily necessities. After all, people are lazy, and if it is too troublesome to use, it is like a chicken rib for us. The same goes for selecting a water flosser, which needs to be easy to use and designed with a user-friendly design. For example, ensuring smooth water flow when rinsing different parts of the oral cavity; The water tank is large enough; Long battery life, etc.

The JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser features a user-friendly metal water pipe design that fits tightly against the bottom of the water tank, as well as a concave pattern design at the outlet of the nozzle, allowing even a single sip of water to be sprayed out smoothly.

It also has a detachable 200ML large capacity water tank that can flush one bite at a time, a large capacity battery with a battery life of over 45 days, and a thoughtful inverted nozzle storage design, making it easy to carry when going out~

What’s particularly thoughtful is that the JIEYANG bigsmile mini Q portable water flosser is the first touch adjustable gear, which allows beginners to adjust the gear even with their eyes closed. It quickly cleans up blind spots in the oral cavity, making it convenient to use the teeth punch in just a moment. The frequency of use can really increase in a straight line!

Good quality after-sales service

The length of service life often affects our choice of water flosser, and only by ensuring the quality of the water flosser can we guarantee the length of its service life. For quality issues, JIEYANG bigsmile has always attached great importance. From research and development to production, not only has it gone through more than 2 years and hundreds of tests, but the assembly of each water flosser also strictly follows the quality inspection process that requires quality inspection at each step, to ensure that the quality of each water flosser leaving the factory is the best.

In order to help everyone buy their favorite water flosser at once

Finally, I would like to ask everyone, is this JIEYANG bigsmile mini Q portable water flosser that meets all the criteria for choosing a water flosser suitable for all ages? Does its ceiling level appearance and talent match your imagination for water flosser? Tell me your answer in the comments section!

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