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Novice must see! Do you really know how to use a water flosser?

Many people say online that the water flosser is filled with water everywhere, causing pain and even bleeding in the gums. Therefore, it is concluded that a water flosser is an IQ tax and that it not only does not protect teeth but also damages gums.

In fact, that’s because you used the water flosser in the wrong way!

Today, I will give you a tutorial on using a nanny level water flosser, allowing you to know in minutes where you went wrong~

Teeth lovers who do not know how to use a water flosser or are preparing to use it must study hard and learn how to use it correctly in order to effectively clean teeth and avoid damaging gums~

Before starting the formal teeth flushing, we need to prepare well: first, we need to open the water tank of the JIEYANG bigsmile mini Q portable water flosser, then take out the nozzle from the nozzle storage area at the bottom of the body, install the nozzle at the nozzle, and then fill the water tank of the teeth flushing device with water, and assemble the water tank with the body.

After completing these preparations, we will now proceed to our correct teeth punching steps:

The correct usage method of water flosser

Firstly, our body needs to lean forward slightly, and then our mouth needs to open slightly. In this way, when we flush our teeth, water can naturally flow out, and food residue in the gaps between our teeth will also flow out together. Additionally, this posture has the advantage of avoiding water splashing everywhere.

nozzle into the large teeth inside, align it with the middle position between the teeth, and make sure that our nozzle is perpendicular to the teeth. This is beneficial for cleaning the teeth and can also avoid accidentally flushing the gums, which can damage the gums. Here, I would like to remind everyone to flush their teeth from the innermost tooth all the way to the outermost tooth.

Finally, regarding the route of teeth flushing, please remember this mnemonic: the lower jaw follows W, and the upper jaw follows M. That is to say, you need to flush your teeth along the connection between your teeth and gums, and each tooth gap needs to stay for 3 seconds, one by one rushing through.

After using this correct method to flush your teeth, your teeth will become very clean and refreshing, and there will be no more situations where your face is covered in water and your gums are flushed and bleeding.

PS: Of course, if you already have gum problems, there is a possibility of gum bleeding, but after a period of time, this situation will not happen again. Because under the appropriate force, the water flosser also has the effect of massaging the gums!

90% of people are mistakenly brushing their teeth. In this issue of the nanny level toothbrush usage tutorial, everyone must save it well and give themselves and their friends a chance to experience the benefits of the JIEYANG bigsmile mini Q portable water flosser!

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