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Essential Teeth Protection Guide for Holidays! May Day is happy and never closes, JIEYANG bigsmile keeps protecting her teeth!

The last compensatory leave in April has finally passed, have you been on it for 9 consecutive days? Or do you have to take a five day break and repeatedly take a three day break? These are not important, what’s important is that the May Day holiday is coming soon~

The most memorable part of the annual short and long vacation, apart from the scenery on the journey, may be the delicious food.

Hot pot, barbecue, crayfish, hairy crab, durian cheese, cake, milk tea, Happy Fatty Home Water, melon seeds, snacks……

People are often either eating or on their way to eat. A busy mouth and a carefree play often lead to selective amnesia – forgetting to brush your teeth, ultimately resulting in a holiday and many dental problems~

So, when traveling on May Day, remember to bring the JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser, so that you can indulge in eating and drinking on the journey, whether you’re lying down, sitting, or lying down!

JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser, stand by during the five-day holiday!

Using 1400 high-frequency pulses per minute, combined with 0.54mm concentrated fine water flow and touch shifting+3 modes, 8-speed adjustable, 5-160PSI large-span impulse selection, to ensure everyone’s teeth are in line with the national defense army.

Whether you choose to rest at home or travel freely, you can indulge in eating and drinking freely.

Although May Day is accompanied by Jieyang bigmile, it is not omnipotent~

To take better care of your teeth, please check the following detailed May Day “Teeth Protection Guide” in a timely manner ⬇⬇⬇

  • 1. Maintain good dietary habits and avoid uncontrolled eating

During holidays, the feeding of various delicious meals, the stimulation of cold, hot, sour, and sweet foods, and the influence of tobacco and alcohol during the journey can lead to excessive appetite, but it is easy for teeth to develop problems. So, although holidays are good, please eat appropriately and not be greedy!

In addition, carbonated beverages are weakly acidic, so it is best to use a straw when drinking beverages, which can effectively reduce contact between the beverage and teeth, and avoid tooth corrosion.

  • 2. Try to have a normal daily routine and avoid staying up late to cultivate immortality

People who often stay up late are prone to symptoms such as dry mouth and bad breath. This is because the secretion of saliva in the mouth decreases at night, and bacteria also multiply in large numbers; Therefore, the teeth are the first to be affected by staying up late.

In addition, staying up late can also lower the body’s immune system and may induce acute inflammation in the oral cavity, leading to symptoms of acute pulpitis and wisdom tooth pericoronitis. So while having fun during the holiday, please also pay attention to taking appropriate breaks.

  • 3. Maintain good hygiene habits and thoroughly clean teeth

During the May Day holiday, please maintain the oral hygiene habit of brushing your teeth in the morning and evening. Especially on holiday nights, many people often have a lucky mentality and don’t brush their teeth because they have fun playing!!! Little did they know that doing so during a holiday could very likely lead to tooth decay~

Of course, while adhering to brushing teeth in the morning and evening – remember to also use the JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser and mouthwash reasonably. Persist in using the JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser to rinse the gaps between teeth after daily meals, and then use mouthwash in combination. For comprehensive cleaning of the oral cavity, you can achieve twice the result with half the effort!

The best combination of JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser, mouthwash, and toothbrush toothpaste can help you comprehensively and deeply clean every corner of your teeth during the May Day holiday, and say goodbye to oral problems!

Finally, Jieyang Bigmile reminds everyone that during the May Day holiday, taking good care of your teeth is the key to having a fun and enjoyable time~

Here, I wishes everyone a smooth journey during the May Day holiday, enjoy all the delicious food, and harvest endless happiness and beautiful memories!

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