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Why does gum bleeding occur when using a water flosser for the first time?

Many people encounter the problem of gum bleeding when they first use a water flosser. The first reaction of many people is that this water flosser is not good, it has caused my gums to bleed!

Is it really the toothbrush that causes gum bleeding?

Related studies have shown that gingival bleeding occurs during tooth flushing, and the scores can be summarized as follows:

1.Inflammation of gums

A large proportion of people who have just started using water flossers may experience gum bleeding due to inflammation of the gums themselves. For this type of person, daily attention can be paid to whether there is gum bleeding when brushing teeth, and whether the condition of periodontitis is severe., In severe cases of periodontitis, it is not recommended to use a water flosser, or please go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment of periodontitis first.

Generally, choosing a legitimate brand of water flosser reduces the probability of gum wear when used correctly.

2.Gingivals have an adaptation period

In general, there is an adaptation process when using a water flosser. At the beginning, the teeth and gums will be more sensitive. After using it 3-4 times, after the adaptation period, combined with the appropriate pressure and water flow of the water flosser to massage the gums, the health of the gums will improve, and there will be basically no bleeding.

When I first started using the JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser, I also experienced bleeding, but after using it two or three times, there was no more bleeding.

3.Incorrect usage of the water flosser

Choosing a strong gear that is not suitable for oneself when flushing teeth can also cause gum bleeding. If you experience bleeding and pain when flushing your teeth, it may be because you have chosen a gear with too much force, causing discomfort in your teeth. You can try using the lowest gear, and once your teeth have adapted, increase the force of the gear to increase cleaning power~

Alternatively, it could be due to the incorrect posture and angle of your teeth flushing, causing the water flosser to directly flush against the gums, which could also lead to gum bleeding. Because some people have thin gums, direct flushing can cause bleeding, and direct flushing can also cause damage to the gums!

The correct way to flush teeth is to have the nozzle perpendicular to the tooth surface, facing the gap between the teeth and the tooth surface adjacent to the gum line.

4.Follow the trend and purchase inferior water flosser

he market for water flosser is very deep, and if you choose popular products designed by popular brands or cross-border brands, it will inevitably cause serious dental hazards.

Therefore, when choosing a water flosser, do not blindly follow the trend, and do not covet cheap purchases of three no water flossers. It is best to choose a legitimate brand of water flosser through legitimate channels.

Regarding legitimate brands, I think JIEYANG bigsmile, a high-end domestic dental appliance brand, is really good. JIEYANG bigsmile has its own production workshop that meets national standards, and the layout and work regulations in the workshop are arranged according to national standards. Moreover, the JIEYANG bigsmile workshop has a strict work system of “quality inspection at every step”, providing quality assurance for every factory produced water flosser!

Each of JIEYANG bigsmile’s water flosser products complies with national product quality laws and regulations: it has its own independent quality certificate and manual, which are generally stored in the gift box packaging and can be seen by opening the gift box; JIEYANG bigsmile also indicates the manufacturer information on each water flosser packaging, such as the factory name, address, phone number, license registration number, product logo, and so on.

JIEYANG bigsmile mini Q portable water flosser, with dual innovations of touch shifting and diaphragm pump, 1400 high-frequency pulses per minute, 0.54mm concentrated fine water column, and 200ml large capacity water tank, is a water flosser that meets the oral health conditions of Chinese people, providing comprehensive oral cleaning and convenience at this moment!

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