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JIEYANG bigsmile Magnetic Induction Charging Hanger for Teeth Punching Industry, Playing New Styles

In order to provide everyone with a better charging experience and a more convenient use experience of the water flosser, the JIEYANG bigsmile team has added a magnetic induction charging device that is comparable to Apple MagSafe’s magnetic induction charging when developing the first self-developed brand water flosser – JIEYANG bigsmile mini Q portable water flosser. The charger is equipped with a circle of magnetic components that can automatically align and adsorb, bringing an unprecedented new experience.

Most water flossers on the market charge in this way:

The wireless charging water flosser on the market charge in this way:

The magnetic induction charging of the mini Q water flosser is as follows:


Compared to the charging methods of micro USB and type-C, the mini Q magnetic induction charging has no problem of affecting the product’s service life due to the number of charging and unplugging times.

In addition, the mini Q magnetic induction charging adopts a blind suction method, which solves the problems of traditional wireless chargers not being able to achieve the best effect when placed casually and being unable to charge when placed crooked.

Use a mini Q magnetic induction charger to charge the mini Q portable water flosser. It can be discharged and charged at any time, without worrying about being plugged in or out of place and not being charged, making it convenient in an instant.

The principle of mini Q magnetic induction charging is to connect the magnetic field lines in the transmitter with the magnetic field lines in the receiver, forming an “effective magnetic field” to achieve charging.

The mini Q wireless charger is equipped with a magnet inside and attracts the magnet inside the body of the mini Q portable water flosser. As long as it is close to the designated position, the transmitting coil will automatically align with the receiving coil, and after firmly absorbing, energy will be transmitted through the air.

Simply release it and charge it immediately, especially when you’re busy. Charging it on the go is really amazing.

The appearance of the mini Q magnetic induction charger is a textured disc, with an ID design similar to the magnetic charger of an Apple WATCH watch. The color of the shell matches the body of the teeth punch, making it a charger that looks just as talented.

Mini Q magnetic induction charging, with a visually appealing design that maximizes appearance. The powerful magnetic suction does not require any cables, allowing for quick and easy charging with blind suction, making life convenient in just a moment!

Finally, as a leader in domestic high-end dental implants, the R&D team of JIEYANG bigsmile also stated that they will continue to provide high-quality research and design to bring more interesting, fun, and practical innovative designs, technologies, and new gameplay to the dental implant industry.

Let’s look forward to it together. JIEYANG bigsmile will bring us more surprises in the future!

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