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Russian guests visit JIEYANG bigsmile to visit and select products, and jointly draw a blueprint for cooperation

On the afternoon of March 28, 2024, a delegation of 8 people from Russia visited JIEYANG bigsmile to exchange ideas and select products. Zhang Bo, the head of JIEYANG bigsmile R&D team and the general manager of PRECINTL CO.,LTD received and accompanied the visit.

In the company conference room, Zhang Bo, the team leader of JIEYANG bigsmile, gave a detailed explanation of the entire process of visiting and selecting products to Russian guests, and warmly welcomed their arrival.

In order to promote cooperation between Russian customers and our company, and continuously expand the cooperation blueprint between Russian customers and Chinese people, JIEYANG bigsmile not only took them to visit and inspect his own company, but also took them to visit and inspect four other Chinese enterprises in Huihao Industrial Park, Guangming District, Shenzhen. In addition, we actively contacted multiple domestic companies and selected products from various industries and enterprises for the product selection process.

During the visit, the Russian guests first visited the office of JIEYANG bigsmile.

Subsequently, Russian customers visited the assembly workshop of JIEYANG bigsmile to gain an on-site understanding of the company’s research and production capabilities. Zhang Bo, the person in charge of JIEYANG bigsmile, gave a detailed introduction to the company’s development history, main business, product and technological advantages to the guests.

Subsequently, Zhang Bo, the person in charge of JIEYANG bigsmile, led Russian guests to Shenzhen Taiheng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. to visit and inspect multiple series of LED display screens of the company. On the spot, Russian guests exchanged WeChat with Taiheng staff, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation.

After visiting Taiheng Optoelectronics, we arrived at the production workshop of Shenzhen Zhishengwei Electronics Co., Ltd. and gained a detailed understanding of the company’s environmentally friendly and energy-saving high-end electronic equipment.

Afterwards, Russian guests also visited and learned about the exhibition area of Shenzhen Yongming Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., experiencing the company’s LED lighting: LED ceiling lights, LED cabinet lights, and so on.

After the factory visit, the Russian delegation arrived at the selection conference hall specially prepared by the JIEYANG bigsmile team – the Hongtu Conference Hall of the Baoming City Hotel.

Here, Russian guests have gone to experience multiple brands of water flosser, such as JIEYANG bigsmile and Xiaomi, to gain a detailed understanding of the principles behind water flosser. The JIEYANG bigsmile team also enthusiastically introduced to them the principles and functions of the JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser one by one.

In addition, Russian guests also personally experienced exquisite products from various industries, such as wireless chargers in the consumer electronics industry; Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth earphones in the audio industry; Aromatherapy machines, ambient lighting, and star lighting in the small home appliance industry; Various types of mobile phone tripod holders in the mobile phone accessories industry; Intelligent faucets, retractable faucets, and more in the furniture industry.

At the product selection site, Russian customers inquire about the prices of the products they are interested in. The staff of the JIEYANG bigsmile team have also contacted the product company to provide reasonable pricing, allowing Russian customers to purchase the desired products as they wish.

After the product selection, both parties held a symposium in the Hongtu Conference Hall and reached a consensus. Zhang Bo, the person in charge of JIEYANG bigsmile, conveyed his welcome and gratitude to the Russian guests through the translator Mr. Su, and expressed his hope to uphold the principle of mutual benefit and win-win on the basis of existing cooperation, leverage their respective resource advantages, further expand the breadth and depth of cooperation, and establish a more stable and close cooperative relationship.

Russian guests have also expressed that their visit and selection journey exceeded their expectations, and they did not expect the JIEYANG bigsmile team to prepare them so grandly and perfectly. They are very grateful for the efforts made by the JIEYANG bigsmile team for this.

In addition, both sides have expressed their intention to further strengthen communication and exchange, promote collaborative development, and jointly draw a blueprint for cooperation.

Finally, the Russian guests visited and selected products at JIEYANG bigsmile, and after a delicious dinner with the JIEYANG bigsmile team, it came to a successful conclusion!

As a continuously growing Chinese brand,JIEYANG bigsmile has always adhered to a global strategic layout, actively expanded domestic and international markets, and won the trust and support of more and more customers.

In the future, PRECINTL CO.,LTD will continue to improve its research and manufacturing level, innovate and breakthrough in the direction of temperature indication, antibacterial disinfection, and expansion of usage scenarios, providing global partners with higher quality, smarter, and more efficient products, and continuing to create a voice for China!

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