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JIEYANG Bigsmile R&D Team Searching for Materials and Asking for Materials @ Innovation Materials Museum Visit Activity Successfully Ended

In order to understand the latest global raw material trends, material processes, and technologies, as well as to search for the materials needed for product development and innovative design inspiration for new product development, the R&D team of JIEYANG bigsmile, consisting of 7 people, arrived at the well-known one-stop platform in China at 2pm on March 21, 2024, which gathers innovative material information and physical material solutions from top global enterprises – Material Inquiry ® Conduct on-site visits to the Innovation Materials Museum to gain a deeper understanding of the world’s advanced innovative materials.

Entering the Innovation Materials Museum, what catches your eye is a corridor of material development history with a strong sense of technology. Here, we learn about the development history of materials from ancient times to the present.

After visiting the corridor of material development history, we arrived at the Innovation Materials Exhibition Hall, which is roughly divided into ten exhibition areas: Advanced Basic Materials Area, Smart Home Area, Small Appliance Area, Automobile Area, and so on. Here we have gathered innovative materials from all over the country, including glowing fiber threads,3Dprinted decorative models, bulletproof protective coating helmet models, and the most advanced innovative materials such as graphene nanosheets and carbon nanocomposites.

As soon as we entered the area of the Innovation Materials Exhibition Hall, the R&D team of JIEYANG Bigsmile consisted of 7 people, each eager to learn about materials and related processes in various industries. Everyone keeps touching this material display in this exhibition area and feeling its texture; Pick up a material model that you have never seen before in that exhibition area, carefully observe the appearance of this material, and personally experience its feel.

At this point, we finally understood why well-known domestic and foreign manufacturing companies and makers such as Huawei, Haier, Changhong, BYD, OPPO, Skyworth, Midea, as well as well-known design institutions such as Jialantu, Langjian, and Rococo, were attracted by the “Material Inquiry” platform and organized teams to visit their exhibition halls to learn about materials. The platform of “Seeking Talents and Asking Materials” is like a “dictionary” of materials. It not only provides various materials, process information, and physical objects, but also breaks down and draws a panoramic view of the industrial chain of various industries, allowing visiting enterprises, institutions, and designers to have a deep and clear understanding of various industries, from small component materials to the overall structure.

It was not until 4 pm that the R&D team of JIEYANG bigsmile ended the visit to the Innovation Materials Museum. Here, the JIEYANG bigsmile team of 7 people not only learn and understand the world’s leading innovative materials, but also personally experience the texture, feel, visual senses, etc. of various innovative materials, broadening their horizons and expanding their research and development design ideas.

Searching for New Materials and Asking for Good Materials

What’s even more delightful is that during the visit, the R&D team of JIEYANG bigsmile also found the materials urgently needed for the new product under development, which was previously unsuccessful. This trip was really full of rewards!

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