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What is the color of healthy teeth?

On the market, tooth whitening is becoming increasingly popular among the public, as tooth aesthetics are also an important factor affecting personal impression. Some people have their teeth whitened and their teeth turn white and shiny.

Every time I see such white teeth, it makes Xiaojie envious! At the same time, I also have some doubts: is it really good to have teeth that are white and shiny? What is the natural color of healthy teeth?

What is the normal color of healthy teeth?

Healthy teeth are originally light yellow, and the color of teeth is determined by both dentin and enamel. Well mineralized enamel is semi-transparent and will reveal the color of dentin: light yellow.

Why do some people’s teeth turn yellow?

In fact, the transition of our teeth from healthy pale yellow to unhealthy yellow, even gray and black, is generally caused by two factors:

【1】 “Exogenous factors”

Also known as exogenous coloring, it is caused by long-term drinking of tea, coffee, cola, red wine, and smoking, which leads to the attachment of pigments to the surface of teeth, causing discoloration, yellowing, and even blackening of teeth.

The discoloration of teeth caused by this factor generally only affects the appearance of teeth and does not affect the health and function of the teeth themselves.

【2】 “Endogenous factors”

Usually formed during the development of teeth.Like tetracycline teeth, if children take tetracycline drugs during tooth development, it can cause tetracycline to deposit in the dentin, causing teeth to turn yellow, brown, or dark gray. Drug induced yellowing of teeth can be difficult to repair discoloration.

In addition, during the process of tooth development, if teeth are not taken care of properly, enamel underdevelopment, exposed dentin, and yellow teeth may also occur.

Of course, there are also adults who suffer from oral diseases such as periodontal disease and dental calculus due to neglect of dental care. These conditions can also lead to damage to enamel, insufficient mineralization, and exposure of dentin, resulting in yellowing of teeth!

How to prevent teeth from turning yellow?

  • Drink less tea, coffee, cola, red wine, etc. in daily life, quit smoking and drinking, and eliminate the possibility of exogenous coloring from the root.
  • Pay attention to daily dental care, use the correct method to brush your teeth, brush once in the morning and evening, and change your toothbrush every three months. In addition, the correct use of fluoride toothpaste for brushing teeth can be beneficial for the healthy development of enamel.
  • Try to avoid using drugs such as tetracycline, especially children who need to be careful not to use coloring drugs.
  • Take oral care after meals to avoid various oral problems caused by food residues, which can lead to discoloration of teeth.

For example, using mouthwash, dental floss, toothpicks and other tools for oral care.

If you want a better cleaning effect, I recommend that you can try this JIEYANG bigsmile mini Q portable water flosser, paired with mouthwash, to clean the gaps between your teeth in just a few minutes.

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Step 1: Take out the nozzle from the storage area of the body nozzle, and then buckle it into the nozzle interface;

Step 2: Open the water tank, fill it with water, and then connect it back to the machine body

Step 3: Align the nozzle with the gap between the teeth, then press the power button to start flushing~

Moreover, with just a gentle swipe of your finger, you can easily shift gears. With the touch switch and cool light bar, it’s a beautiful and talented water floss!


Before opening the teeth punch, put the nozzle into your mouth and align it with the gaps between your teeth, then slightly open your mouth and tilt your body forward!

This can prevent water from spraying all over the face and splashing clothes wet.

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To prevent tooth discoloration and protect tooth health, please recognize this combination of punches: JIEYANG bigsmile mini Q portable water flosser + mouthwash + brushing teeth!

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