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The JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser keeps soaking in water for 30 minutes without hesitation!

As we all know, most daily electronic products, especially electric toothbrushes and toothbrushes, undergo waterproof treatment and waterproof level testing to prevent internal water immersion, which can cause rust on internal metal parts and affect product service life. The JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser is no exception.

Some low-quality water flosser, although labeled with a waterproof level of up to IPX7, cannot actually achieve IPX7 waterproof effect. Unlike low-quality water flosser, the JIYEANG bigsmile water flosser can truly achieve IPX7 waterproof effect, and the entire machine is not afraid of soaking in water or showering.

IPX7 waterproof, truly deserving of its reputation

As early as in the research and development stage, JIEYANG bigsmile paid special attention to waterproof effects. In order to reduce the gaps where water may enter the body, it also replaced the traditional USB charging port with magnetic induction charging; Replacing traditional mechanical buttons with innovative touch mode adjustment reduces the chance of gaps caused by button ports and charging ports, greatly improving the waterproof effect of the water flosser.

When developing the first sample of the water flosser, the JIEYANG bigsmile team has also strictly adhered to the IPX7 waterproof strict standard for water flosser construction, and the first water flosser that passed the IPX7 waterproof level was used as a qualified water flosser standard for mass production.

JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser is a professional IPX waterproof level testing company that has been tested and rated as IPX7 waterproof. The experiment was conducted by placing a sample of the JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser into the experimental box, with the bottom of the sample at least 1m away from the water surface and the top at least 0.15 m away from the water surface. According to this IPX7 level condition, after 30 minutes of testing, the JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser sample remained intact and could be successfully started, and any performance effects were not affected.

That is to say, in daily use, the JIEYANG bigsmile mini Q portable water flosser can be soaked for at least 30 minutes; For daily showering, rinsing, and other situations, there is no problem~

IPX7 waterproofing is not just talk

Exclusive testing area, mandatory for each device

During the production process, JIEYANG bigsmile has also set up a waterproof testing area in its own workshop, arranged according to the strict conditions of IPX7 waterproof level testing, and conducted waterproof aging tests on each successfully assembled water flosser to ensure that every JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser produced can achieve IPX7 waterproof effect.

As a leading player in the domestic water flosser industry, JIEYANG bigsmile strives to achieve perfection in all aspects of water flosser. Therefore, regarding the waterproof performance of the JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser, JIEYANG bigsmile is also doing its best to achieve the utmost, and the daily splashing and showering of teeth are not a problem!

The JIEYANG bigsmile team has always adhered to the product research and development and production philosophy of achieving the top level performance and user experience of each water flosser in the industry. In the future, we believe that JIEYANG bigsmile will integrate more advanced technology and interesting and useful performance into its water flosser products, bringing everyone a more “perfect” water flosser!

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