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JIEYANG bigsmile semi transparent water tank, combining aesthetics and performance

Opening the JIEYANG bigsmile mini Q portable water flosser gift box, upon entering the eye is a stunning semi transparent water tank water flosser. The overall design is simple and advanced, and the beauty of the combination of the body and the water tank is truly captivating.

The semi transparent water tank of the JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser has a smooth and round appearance, and the color scheme perfectly matches the body. The design is simple and generous, and the discrimination is quite high even in the dazzling water flosser market.

The water tank is made of semi transparent material in the same color as the body, embodying a very thoughtful design concept from the JIEYANG bigsmile team: the water volume can be checked anytime, anywhere without the need for disassembly.

This design concept is inspired by the idea proposed during the user experience of a certain bone ash level water flosser during the development and testing phase. After conducting extensive market research, the JIEYANG bigsmile team found that many water tanks for water flossers are transparent. Although the water tanks are clearly visible, the overall aesthetics are insufficient.

In addition, moss grows faster under sufficient photosynthesis. A fully transparent water tank is more prone to moss growth due to its higher light transmittance. So, JIEYANG bigsmile established a research project: while ensuring the visualization of the water tank, integrating Jieyang bigmile’s overall minimalist and high-end design as well as color matching style into the water tank design, making it a semi transparent water tank!

For this reason, the JIEYANG bigsmile team spent half a year adjusting the ratio of pigments to semi transparent materials over a hundred times. After hundreds of samples, they finally produced a sample that fully matched the overall appearance design, color matching style, and visual performance of the water tank. They used this sample as the standard for Jieyang bigmile semi transparent water tanks, and ultimately achieved this mini Q portable water flosser that combines appearance and visual performance of the water tank.

The semi transparent material of the water tank makes it easy to check the water level at any time, so that users can always understand the usage of water during tooth flushing and provide a well prepared tooth flushing experience.

JIEYANG bigsmile semi transparent water tank, the amount of water can be seen at a glance, it is beautiful and easy to use, it is an amazing design!

Finally, I would like to know what other details and thoughtful designs of the JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser you have discovered, which I am not aware of yet? Leave a message for Xiaojie in the comments section, let her know! {I just wants to know that~}

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