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What is the color of healthy gums?

Dark red? Or bright red?

Pink? Or light white?

The answer is pink

The color of healthy gums is pink and glossy, with a generally tough and tight texture, close to the surface of the teeth. Brushing and gently touching will not cause bleeding, and there is no pain or swelling. A deep red, purple, black, or black spot on the gums is usually a sign of severe periodontitis.

In addition, whether there are blood stains on the bristles when brushing teeth, or whether there are blood stains on food while chewing, can be used as a basis for determining whether one has gingivitis.

Based on the depth of free gingiva in gingival tissue, it is also possible to determine whether the gums are healthy. Free gingiva refers to the thin and tightly attached part of the gum edge that does not adhere to the tooth surface, with a depth of about 2-3 millimeters. If the probe penetrates too deep, it indicates that the gums are not healthy.

How to protect gums?

As the old saying goes, “A hundred things for health, don’t fix your teeth first.”. The function of gums is to consolidate and protect teeth, assist in chewing, therefore, protecting gums is to protect our physical health.

① Choose a soft bristled toothbrush

Choosing a soft bristled toothbrush and using it in conjunction with the pasteurization method can effectively reduce the damage of the toothbrush to the gums. Also, remember to replace your toothbrush every 3 months.

② Choose Gingival Protection Toothpaste

Choosing mild and non irritating toothpaste, especially toothpaste for maintaining and regulating gums, for oral care can better protect gums.

③ Using dental floss or water flosser

Use dental floss or water flosser every day after meals to remove food residue and plaque between teeth and gums, avoiding the accumulation of plaque and the formation of tartar, which can lead to gum recession.

Here we recommend using JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser, a water flosser that is in line with the oral health status of Chinese people. It uses 1400 high-frequency pulses per minute and a 0.54mm concentrated fine water column to wash away food residue and plaque between the teeth and gums in one go!

Not only that, it also has a large span impulse selection of 5-160PSI, which can not only clean blind spots such as dental gaps and gum lines, but also use water flow with appropriate force at low gears to massage gums, improve gum problems, and gradually turn gums back to a healthy light red color.

④ Using antibacterial mouthwash

Using bactericidal mouthwash combined with water floss for oral cleaning can remove plaque from the mouth, while inhibiting the rate of plaque formation and slowing down the formation of tartar, which is more conducive to protecting the gums.

⑤ Regular dental checkups

Regular oral examinations and cleaning, timely elimination of missing dental plaque during daily cleaning, can better prevent gum problems. If there are other oral diseases, they can also be treated in a timely manner.

By doing the above, I believe your gums can always maintain a healthy and good condition.

No matter how old you are, long live your good teeth. With Jieyang Bigmile water floss and mouthwash, start your advanced life and let oral problems go to hell!

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