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Why do dentists recommend brushing teeth twice a day?

I believe many people know that dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day. But how did this brushing frequency come about? Why do dentists recommend brushing teeth twice a day instead of 1, 3, 4… times?

In fact, this also has scientific basis.

This starts with the culprit of dental caries, dental plaque.

Dental plaque refers to a bacterial population that adheres to the surface of teeth, interdental spaces, or restorations. It is mainly composed of various bacteria, food residues, and extracellular matrix components. Dental plaque is the fundamental cause of tooth decay, and the toxins and harmful substances it produces can also stimulate the gums, leading to oral problems such as gingivitis.

Related studies have shown that it usually takes about 12 hours for dental plaque to form and mature. Due to the characteristics of dental plaque, mature dental plaque is very difficult to remove. The main function of our daily brushing is to remove these dental plaques in the oral cavity, preventing them from damaging oral tissues such as teeth and gums. That’s why dentists recommend brushing twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

In addition, brushing teeth can only clean 60% -70% of the dental plaque on the surface of the teeth, and there is also 30% of the area that cannot be brushed, which is the gap between the teeth. The surface of teeth in this area cannot be touched by a toothbrush, so it is impossible to clean the dental plaque in this area.

And brushing teeth every day according to the dentist’s advice, even if done properly and correctly, still receives a big gift package for cavities. In fact, because the plaque between the teeth is not cleaned, over time, cavities will form in the gaps between the teeth, and the adjacent surfaces of the teeth will be decayed.

So, besides brushing your teeth once a day in the morning and once in the evening, it is recommended that you remember to clean the gaps between your teeth in a timely manner after meals. There are many methods for cleaning dental plaque between teeth, but I believes that the most efficient and convenient one is to use water flosser.

JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser uses 1400 high-frequency pulses per minute, with a large span impulse range of 5-160PSI, paired with a 0.54mm diameter nozzle, to flush away food residue and plaque from the gaps between teeth in just 3 seconds!

JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser, the first touch adjustable gear, supports blind adjustment of impulse gear, convenient in an instant!

After meals, rinse with JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser to remove any residue and plaque from the gaps between teeth. Combined with morning and evening brushing, effectively prevent plaque formation, damage gums and teeth, and convenient oral care is as simple as this!

Promise me, starting from today.

Enhance awareness of dental health and rinse teeth after meals.

Brush your teeth in the morning and evening, keep a smile, and stay positive.

Make your life full of sunshine.

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