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JIEYANG bigsmile water flosser with large opening and detachable water tank, easy to clean index of 5 stars

Nowadays, more and more people are paying attention to oral health issues, and the use of water flosser as oral cleaning tools is also becoming more and more well-known. But with it comes various problems brought about by outdated water flossers, among which the difficulty in cleaning the water tank is one of the most complained problems.

In response to the problem of difficult cleaning of water tanks, JIEYANG bigsmile has launched a mini Q portable water flosser with a brand new appearance water tank. The mini Q water tank has overturned the impression of the old handheld water flosser with a small opening water tank, and has appeared in front of the world with a new and detachable appearance with a large opening.

The water tank of most handheld water flosser on the market is as follows:

The water tank of the portable water flosser with a mini Q is as follows:

After disassembling the water tank, it looks like a regular cup. With just a water cup brush, you can easily and comprehensively clean the inside of the water tank. It can be said that the difficulty of cleaning the water tank is less than a star~

Because most commonly used water flosser are filled with tap water, which is prone to scale formation. The water tank is also a damp and non ventilated environment, which can easily breed bacteria and cause mold in the tank. Therefore, I suggests that if you continue to use the water flosser for more than a month, you need to thoroughly clean the water tank. The mini Q portable water flosser is detachable, with a large opening water tank design, ensuring no dead corners during cleaning. It is also convenient to fill tap water, and the experience is greatly enhanced!

When cleaning, simply remove the mini Q portable water flosser water tank, fill it with warm water, add a spoonful of white vinegar to the water tank, use a plain water cup brush to clean, and finally clean the water tank twice with warm water.

Because the difficulty of cleaning a water flosser is the key to its health and hygiene, only by regularly cleaning all parts of the water flosser, especially the water tank, can the product effectively reduce bacterial growth. Therefore, the difficulty of cleaning the water tank often determines people’s intention to purchase.

The separated water tank is the most conducive to cleaning. The JIEYANG bigsmile mini Q detachable water tank design allows for direct water injection by simply rotating and disassembling the tank. When you want to clean it, simply remove the water tank and clean it.

The JJIEYANG bigsmile mini Q portable water flosser is cylindrical in shape, the size of a small bottle of mineral water, with 1400 high-frequency pulses per minute and a 0.54 mm concentrated water column. It finely washes the blind area between teeth without damaging gums or bleeding; 5-160 PSI large-span impulse selection, with dual pioneering designs of touch shifting and diaphragm pump, it can flush away debris in 2 minutes and has a convenience index of 5 stars. Highly praised!

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